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we no speak americano (video) by Charley
December 19, 2010, 10:13 PM
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gonna throw this one up here before the song gets too old:

more music coming in january, enjoy the break kids.


the future of djing by Charley
December 14, 2010, 8:09 PM
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i know, i haven’t been posting at all lately but this whole college thing is really not helping me out in the leisure department so bear with me.

at first glance i thought this shit was unreal, and turns out i was right. it’s only a mock up, essentially a dj using a projection board to lip-sync a set…disappointing but here are the visuals anyway.

rusko meets tupac by Charley
November 23, 2010, 9:10 PM
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sorry, just real quick before the gongshow that is tonight starts. a big heads up at james keady over at cornell for this one. here’s dj bucket’s mashup of rusko’s ‘hold on’ and tupac’s ‘still ballin’. this shit hits hard.

hold on, i’m still ballin – dj bucket (download)

gorillaz covers the xx (video) by Charley
November 22, 2010, 8:50 PM
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crystalised (gorillaz cover) – the xx (download)

damon albam is one talented motherfucker

thanks, giving. (11 tracks) by Charley

some new music for those travelling over thanksgiving break: full track list with download links first, then full breakdown after that.

1. doncamatic – gorillaz (download)
2. doncamatic (joker remix) – gorillaz (download)
3. just the way you are (skrillex batboi remix) – bruno mars (download)
4. right this second – deadmau5 (download)
5. sofi needs a ladder – deadmau5 (download)
6. the announcement feat. john f kennedy – jay electronica (download)
7. shiny suit theory feat. jay z & the dream – jay electronica (download)
8. kush feat. snoop dogg & akon – dr. dre (download)
9. mean planes & taylor gangs – brenton duvall (download)
10. animal (miike snow cover) – javier dunn (download)
11. when i look at you – emalkay (download)

so here’s more about the music:

this first track from gorillaz is a complete 180 from their plastic beach sound. ‘doncamatic’ features manchester soul singer daley and is ‘a look on how radio and mainstream can destroy the originality of music’ (pma). here’s the video to the synth pop tune:

doncamatic – gorillaz (download)

bonus: doncamatic (joker remix) – gorillaz (download)

next up is a skrillex/batboi remix of bruno mars’ ‘just the way you are’ pop single. the tune is just as clean and upbeat as the original, despite skrillex’s typically dark and dirty tunes. something easy for the pregames.

just the way you are (skrillex batboi remix) – bruno mars (download)

3. deadmau5
so deadmau5 has an album titled ‘4×4=12’ due out early december. here are two of the more recently released singles that will be featured on the album. ‘right this second’ is a dance centered electro tune that is quickly becoming a staple in deadmau5’s tour setlist, while ‘sofi needs a ladder’ is screeching noise track featuring female vocalist sofi, who first toured with deadmau5 and tommy lee sometime last year. first heard this song at the electric factory in philly this summer, seemed a lot better live than on this version. check it out for yourself:

right this second – deadmau5 (download)

sofi needs a ladder – deadmau5 (download)

4. jay electronica
first heard of new orleans rapper jay electronic via his soulful single ‘exhibit c’ a couple months back. now, he’s back in a big way with these two tracks. smooth smooth buttery flow.

the announcement feat. john f kennedy – jay electronica (download)

shiny suit theory feat. jay z & the dream – jay electronica (download)

finally, finally…a single from dr. dre’s ‘infinitely delayed’ album, detox. here’s dre doing his thing on a more mainstream beat with snoop dogg and akon. crossing my fingers big time for this album…

kush feat. snoop dogg & akon – dr. dre (download)

here’s another taylor swift mashup, reminiscent of 99allin’s ‘club love’. this time its brenton duvall throwing together some wiz khalifa and newer tswift. give it a go, and free wiz.

mean planes & taylor gangs – brenton duvall (download)

soft acoustic cover of miike snow’s ‘animal’. well done and self explanatory.

animal (miike snow cover) – javier dunn (download)

and here’s some more emalkay for you from the dubstep side of the blogosphere.

when i look at you – emalkay (download)

new girl talk album – all day by Charley
November 18, 2010, 11:52 AM
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i know i’m a couple days late on this, but this is the first time this week i’ve had a second to post.

earlier this week girl talk released his 5th album titled all day for free online.

here’s the link to download: all day – girl talk

all day - girl talk

never been a crazy girl talk fan but trying to identify every layer of a 30-song mashup is appealing to a lot of people apparently…

if you can’t figure it out, cheat sheet over at wikipedia has every single component track painstakingly listed for the whole album.

also, stay tuned for a bunch of new music in the next week or so. good shit coming. (think gorillaz, deadmau5, skrillex, dr. dre, jay electronica, brenton duvall, and emalkay)

more crazy experimental shit by Charley
November 14, 2010, 4:20 PM
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here’s another great find, copped from jerry’s facebook.

13 different ideas of a perfect soundtrack from 13 different djs…

railway relay